Where you live matters…

When you are a student you are constantly thinking about things that are going to impact the education that you are receiving. You stress over grades, study into the early morning hours, rush to get to class 15 minutes early so you can get the seat where you’re most comfortable, and even find places to catch a quick 30-minute break on campus. The one thing that most people don’t think about when talking about school stress is finding an apartment. Where you live is probably one of the most important choices you are going to make in your school career. VCOM students choose Drayton Mills Loft Apartments because we take the stress out of picking an apartment. When you live at Drayton Mills you are placed in a convenient location close to campus and other downtown Spartanburg locations. Drayton Mills offers many things for students, this means that our students are steps away from Bella Latte, Dray Bar and Grill, Holliday Brewing, Pi Squared, LA Hair Salon, Sparkle City Chiropractic, Proactive Healthcare & Burn Boot Camp! These awesome Drayton Mills restaurants and shops offer a variety of convenient perks to the residents such as delivery from Pi Squared and 10% off your coffee at Bella Latte. With events like Trivia and Karaoke you can get to know your neighbors as well as the Spartanburg natives in a fun filled environment! Lastly, the management and staff at Drayton Mills are here to make your apartment life a breeze. Our management team is here to continually answer any questions you may have throughout the entire leasing process. We want to find the apartment that best suits you! We are also here to help you face any challenges you may encounter & create constructive ways to make everyone’s apartment life enjoyable. VCOM students choose Drayton Mills because Drayton Mills puts you first.

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